80% of your local business will come from customers in a 5 mile radius of your business.

It used to be that when you were looking for a plumber or a dentist, you went to the Yellow Pages or clipped out a coupon from your local newspaper. But now, more people are likely to do an Internet Google search instead, either on their computers at home or their mobile phones, to find goods and services in their local areas.

How do your local customers find you in today’s changing economy?

Can Your Local Customers Find You?


About 82% of local searches result in offline action!

Internet users who conducted online local business searches are very likely to actually end up in a store in person.

If you’re a small business owners looking to get targeted customers, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of using Google Places to get listed in local search and appear in the top seven search results.

Without a web presence you have 0% chance of connecting with local consumers performing online searches!

Google Local Place


Remember the old American Express slogan – “Don’t Leave Home Without It!” ?

This is how most people feel about their mobile device today. Don’t you feel kind of “naked” when you forget yours at home?

Many people have become dependent on the use of cell phones to get any pertinent information on the go – from driving directions to emails, reviews, and local businesses nearby.

To succeed in this new economy, local businesses should take advantage of new technologies such as mobile marketing to increase their customer base and draw attention to their business.


There is a fundamental shift in how people are communicating.

People have begun to use their mobile phones religiously to check email and Facebook continually throughout the day, send and receive messages, and share information with their friends.

The use of mobile marketing is continuing to expand by leaps and bounds and any small business which does not use it as part of their marketing plan will be left behind.

To have an increase in customers and profit a business must use the combination of Local Places and Mobile marketing.

Local Places and Mobile Marketing Google Places Map